A Mon Seul Desir V French Decorative Tapestry Cushion

A mon seul desir v french decorative tapestry cushionA Mon Seul Desir V is extract from one of famous six tapestries in The Lady and Unicorn series. Woven in about 1511 they feature arms of Jean le Viste. Each represents one of senses except for final Mon Seul Desir. Also known as My Sole Desire, this..

Unicorn the taste french decorative tapestry cushionThis French jacquard Tapestry cushion cover, Unicorn Taste is extract of Tapestry Le Go ?t, Taste, one of Lady and Unicorn original six tapestries which are displayed at Cluny Museum in Paris. They were woven in about 1510 featuring arms of Jean..

La licorne a la fontaine french decorative tapestry cushionLicorne La Fontaine: this European jacquard woven Tapestry cushion cover is extract from one of five tapestries from Hunting Unicorn, woven in 15th century, representation shows hunted unicorn as it cleanses fountain water with his horn, viewed..

La licorne captive french decorative tapestry cushionLa Licorne Captive I is European jacquard Tapestry cushion cover. art comes from set of medieval tapestries called, Chasse la Licorne, Hunt of Unicorn. unicorn is attached by golden chain to pomegranate tree. Also known as Captive Unicorn…

Medieval fox french decorative tapestry cushionThis European jacquard Tapestry cushion cover, Medieval Fox is small extract from famous set of 6 medieval tapestries Lady and Unicorn. Woven in about 1511 and now housed in Cluny Museum, Paris. background is done in Mille fleur style. Companion pie..

Bank of the river seine 2 french decorative tapestry cushionAn artistic scene from early 20th century. Bank of River Seine II, Les quais de Seine is European jacquard Tapestry cushion cover. Perfect to take little Parisian atmosphere home after some time in City of Light. La Rive Gauche, Left Bank of S..