Calla Lilies Fine Art Oil Painting

Calla lilies fine art oil paintingCalla Lilies is hand finished canvas oil painting. Chocolate drips down oil painting, surrounding two white calla lily flowers creating sweet and sensual canvas art. sweet smelling flower has symbolic meaning associated with magnificent beauty. funda..

Sugar and spice fine art oil paintingSugar and Spice is hand finished canvas oil painting. Warm but not sappy, this wall art mixes passion of red with unbridled happiness of yellow. Energy and confidence imbue this oil painting of colors ranging from ginger to cayenne red. Whether sprea..

Beams fine art oil paintingBeams is hand finished canvas oil painting, abstract canvas art is simple yet interesting. With blocky bars dividing surface on horizontal, balance and illusion of space are achieved. Red streaks fire across against timber palate, reminiscent of lase..

Interlock fine art oil paintingInterlock is hand finished canvas oil painting. Prevailing rectangle and square shapes overlap layer against layer give this beautiful abstract wall art appearance of depth and dimension. Bold and enlivening, vivid reds remind of power and strength, ..

Creation 2 fine art oil paintingCreation II is hand finished canvas oil painting, conceptual canvas art piece shares sense of power and creation. With bright red dominating most of space, power of this color gives energy and with help of intuition, one can see that there is dominat..

Prehistoric landscape fine art oil paintingPrehistoric Landscape is hand finished canvas oil painting. A grove of palm trees loom against perilous sky in this fascinating oil painting. dark and moody atmosphere signifies primordial, like changing climate after massive volcanic eruptions in pr..