Color Ribbons Fine Art Oil Painting

Color ribbons fine art oil paintingVivid primaries blend in color ribbons across this beautiful oil painting. Hues mix and blend to each other, creating eye pleasing arrangement of color and value, abstract canvas art is visually stunning with dash of sophistication, making it pe..

Calla lily fine art oil paintingRich and warm, this canvas art beautifully depicts grouping of calla lilies arranged across four canvases. varying size of canvas panels keeps theme of modernity while depicting this classic flower of magnificent beauty…

Meander in the mist fine art oil paintingMeander in Mist is hand finished canvas oil painting, lovely monochromatic canvas art depicts calm river meandering in mist. river is lined with towering trees that reflect their natural shapes in still waters, leading viewer eye deeper into pai..

Drawn together fine art oil paintingDrawn Together is hand finished canvas oil painting. Two forms are drawn together in color, form and shape. They are represented as simplified, abstracted and exaggerated in vivid hues. Their close proximity to each other and obvious feminine and mas..

Bouquet impressions fine art oil paintingBouquet Impressions is hand finished canvas oil painting, beautiful piece is brightly colored and highly textural floral still life oil painting. Created in style of Impressionism, this cheerful canvas art is sure to excite senses with its moder..

Statuettes fine art oil paintingStatuettes is hand finished canvas oil painting. Painted in soft, warm palette, this oil painting on canvas depicts two statuette faces in close proximity to one another, as if in embrace of affection. These faces are painted as if they were classica..