Color Spiral Fine Art Oil Painting

Color spiral fine art oil paintingColor Spiral is hand finished canvas oil painting, lovely abstract canvas art gives sense of movement with dramatic spiraling effect in vibrant colors against light background. With variety of techniques used, this artist uses brush strokes and paint..

Conveyor belt fine art oil paintingConveyor Belt is hand finished canvas oil painting. Strong contrasts and exciting pallet come together in this abstract work of modern art, oil painting has sort of mathematical precision through its use of geometric line and shape that intersec..

Cross hairs fine art oil paintingCross Hairs is hand finished canvas oil painting, abstract oil painting utilizes variety of color and geometric shapes in tasteful arrangement to create piece that is bright and attractive. Like cross hairs honing in on unseen target, two intersected..

Maple fine art oil paintingMaple is hand finished canvas oil painting. A richly colored patchwork creates textural backdrop to centerpiece of maple leaf of vermilion hue. Contrasting panels that alternate squash and plum colors divide painting and further compliment natural li..

Radiant fine art oil paintingRadiant is hand finished canvas oil painting, canvas wall art sets abstract design within its own frame of dark wood colored bordering with tan accent. As you step into this oil painting, your eye immediately is grabbed by clinquant gold leaf th..

Illusions of sunrise fine art oil paintingIllusions of Sunrise is hand finished canvas oil painting. Red, white and yellow arranged in mirrored gradients wash and dabble into each other to create illusion of unobstructed sunrise, as if divided by some distant horizon that cuts line between s..