Elephant Oasis Fine Art Oil Painting

Elephant and oasis fine art oil paintingElephant and Oasis is hand finished canvas oil painting, tasteful contemporary oil painting depicts elephant enjoying shade and nourishment from oasis of palm trees to help protect it from sweltering sun, warm and inviting wall art piece tells s..

Exotic women fine art oil paintingExotic Women is hand finished canvas oil painting. These two African ladies have style, grace and would welcome guests in any room where people get together. They are alive, busy, beautiful and exotic women, with sensuality conveyed in their poses. T..

The wall fine art oil paintingThe Wall is hand finished canvas oil painting. Intensely colored with vivid oranges, reds and yellows, this oil painting depicts fiery brick like variations that hint at wall engulfed in flame. Each line and shape adds interest, creating harmony of g..

Goddess fine art oil paintingGoddess is hand finished canvas oil painting. Flat, decorative sections of intense color complement this female form. Her feminine power is conveyed in her sparkling eyes, as one gets sense that she is wise and focused on what lies ahead. Shell like..

Patchwork on the stone fine art oil paintingPatchwork on Stone is hand finished canvas oil painting, wall art sets nine rectangles in fascinating grouping, each with unique designs, to come together to make one patchwork design centered against gray stony background. Each one could be oil pain..

Homage to the abstract fine art oil paintingHomage to Abstract is hand finished canvas oil painting. These nonfigurative patches of color in thick, sweeping strokes create character in this bright and multihued piece of artistic joy. Completely abstract and modern in nature, this conceptual wa..