Modern City Fine Art Oil Painting

Modern city fine art oil paintingModern City is hand finished canvas oil painting, canvas art has strong verticals, as buildings lining rain soaked street jut into dreary atmosphere. Your eye is led into distance by colorful dabbles of color. bright reds and yellows line streets and..

The weathered wharf fine art oil paintingThe Weathered Wharf is hand finished canvas oil painting, dark and moody seascape canvas art depicts storm weathered wharf where boats dock safely away from storm. In distance, blackened skies churn and threaten, yet through heavy skies light gives w..

Heading to port fine art oil paintingHeading To Port is hand finished canvas oil painting. call of seabirds, moan of weather buoy and salty smell of sea can almost be sensed as this seascape wall art takes you to docks. Sailboats are heading into port and encroaching black clouds threat..

Lattice fine art oil paintingLattice is hand finished canvas oil painting, attractive wall art has inviting and rich element with lattice, structural criss crossed framework has ornamental distinction and style. tasteful arrangement of staggered shapes with gold leaf e..

Kiss fine art oil paintingKiss is hand finished canvas oil painting. Devotion is shared through this touching representation of true love kiss. Suggestive of African style, this wall art of two decoratively ornamented lovers revives meaning of companionship and passion…

Silhouettes of love fine art oil paintingSilhouettes of Love is hand finished canvas oil painting. Suspended in blissful affection, two silhouetted lovers reach for each other lips. While suggestive of African style, this oil painting creates dramatic effect with vivid contrasts of black ag..