Orchid Fine Art Oil Painting

Orchid fine art oil paintingOrchid is hand finished canvas oil painting. Symbolizing love, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm, orchid is depicted in this attractive floral wall art. Use of rich beiges and yellows add warmth, while touch of blue adds punch of co..

House on the hill fine art oil paintingHouse on Hill is hand finished canvas oil painting, light and airy oil painting of house on hill revives feeling you get when you are almost home after long travels. Stylized and simplified, this contemporary abstract evokes happiness and comfort…

Crimson jugs fine art oil paintingCrimson Jugs is hand finished canvas oil painting. With dramatic textural treatment and elegant hues, this still life takes ordinary everyday objects and turns them into art. Similarly shaped yet of varying size, this family of crimson jugs take shap..

Amber walk fine art oil paintingAmber Walk is hand finished canvas oil painting. Set against stark amber landscape, these stylized figures enjoy walk across canvas. sense of perspective is achieved when these figures are set in front of curving horizontal space. It hints at rolling..

Vertical with moon fine art oil paintingVertical with Moon is hand finished canvas oil painting, abstract wall art has feeling of night, as tree like vertical orientation stands against deeply colored space. single white circle looms like moon and lights up mingling colors of this long sta..

Inspiration fine art oil paintingInspiration is hand finished canvas oil painting. Boundless energy emerges in this tribute to inspiration. Free and without structure, black lines swish among geometric shapes in shades of peach and copper. colors remind of surge of excitement and en..