Setting Sun Fine Art Oil Painting

Setting sun fine art oil paintingSetting Sun is hand finished canvas oil painting. Here setting sun casts red light over land, making it more beautiful, striking landscape is full of color and intrigue, beauty of place takes viewer on walkabout where plans of future cease..

The man can wail fine art oil paintingThe Man Can Wail is hand finished canvas oil painting. Beautifully captured in red glowing light, this man wails on his saxophone to unseen audience. Perhaps he plays for no one, maybe he plays for you, inspiring tribute to musician trade is..

Teas of the east fine art oil paintingTeas of East is hand finished canvas oil painting. A tasteful representation of oriental teapot tipping as if ready to pour, this brightly painted wall art is fun way to incorporate Asian feel into your home decorating scheme. Modernly stylized, this..

Lava flows fine art oil paintingLava Flows is hand finished canvas oil painting, stunning oil painting takes viewer to active volcano. White steam shoots into atmosphere, as lava flows down slopes of this magnificent mountain. Appearing partially dissected, this canvas art cuts thr..

Belonging fine art oil paintingBelonging is hand finished canvas oil painting. Life seems to happen with random chance and sometimes we stop and wonder how we got here. While this oil painting doest answer all those questions, it does delight senses with slender and graceful group..

Fishermans delight fine art oil paintingFishermans Delight is hand finished canvas oil painting. As if pausing for moment to notice beautiful sunset, fisherman takes moment for himself to contemplate splendors of his element and plans his next move. Red skies signify calm weather in foreca..