Shine On Fine Art Oil Painting

Shine on fine art oil paintingShine On is hand finished canvas oil painting. A loose and rendering of elongated figures position symmetrically against fiery background. These figures seem highlighted by white and blue hues, which give them almost metallic luster that reflects glo..

Trilogy of tulips fine art oil paintingTrilogy of Tulips is hand finished canvas oil painting. Engaging and eye catching, this beautiful oil painting celebrates tulips. Divided vertically, this canvas art has bright contrasts of reds and blues of banners. These tulips on parade repeat pat..

Two blue tulips fine art oil paintingTwo Blue Tulips is hand finished canvas oil painting. pale blue hues of tulips, calms worries and soothes anxiety. rambunctious reds signify courage and energy. Cool blue in background gives way like gate opening and warm orange light rushes in. This..

Modesty of the orchid fine art oil paintingModesty of Orchid is hand finished canvas oil painting. Orchids are one of most desired flowers because of they represent rare and delicate beauty. fact that these two orchid blossoms are represented in simple cup, this canvas art piece speaks of sim..

The gathering fine art oil paintingThe Gathering is hand finished canvas oil painting. A gathering of people in arid environment pause at edge of river bank and something catches their eye in crack in rocky cliff side. No one can utter sound, stunned with mouths open they could not be..

Solar energy fine art oil paintingSolar Energy is hand finished canvas oil painting. A green sphere that glows with solar energy transmits signal of creation and resourcefulness. Bold lines section off areas of secondary palette with illegible script inscribed in illogical meaning of..