Undertow Fine Art Oil Painting

Undertow fine art oil paintingUndertow is hand finished canvas oil painting. Frothy splashes of light blow above beautiful washes of turquoise, indigo and violet. Like cresting wave in windy seas, thunderous event crashes above, but your eye is pulled like undertow into quiet and..

Quest fine art oil paintingQuest is hand finished canvas oil painting. A loose and splotchy square suspends flat and unobstructed in mahogany space above intangible horizon. Below in warm abyss two parallel rectangles float in unison, abstract canvas art takes you on ques..

Flowers in colorful pots fine art oil paintingFlowers in Colorful Pots is hand finished canvas oil painting. Three flowers in row stand displayed in brightly colored containers, adorable canvas art uses vivid yellow, violet and fuchsia to create fun and light hearted look, oil painting..

Flowers of the heart fine art oil paintingFlowers of Heart is hand finished canvas oil painting. Groupings of highly stylized red flowers sit in pink vases against modeled surface of yellow and aqua marine over black. Cute but strange, these bouquets look more like hearts in world of Dr. Seu..

Market transport fine art oil paintingMarket Transport is hand finished canvas oil painting, canvas art evokes sense of movement with soft and blurred linear streaks. Like swift riverboats gliding across canvas, farmers transport their colorful harvest to market…

Curvaceous fine art oil paintingCurvaceous is hand finished canvas oil painting. As if sitting upon fluffy quilt, stylized curvaceous silhouette of female form with emphasized legs and breasts reminds of seductive powers of woman. She is free and knows she is powerful, strong and b..