Violettes Et Bleuets French Tapestry Decorative Throw

Violettes et bleuets french tapestry decorative throwViolettes Et Bleuets, Violets and Cornflowers is French woven jacquard Tapestry Throw, classically beautiful Throw has white and cream background bordered by alternating arrangements of violets and cornflowers with all their foliage…

Fuchsias french tapestry decorative throwFuchsias is French woven jacquard Tapestry Throw. It is part of Comme la Campagne Collection. Companion piece to this is cushion cover Fushia. lovely and beguiling Fushia is beloved flower among those who thrive on bold color and blooms. first, Fuchs..

Au chant du coq french tapestry decorative throwAu Chant Du Coq, Rooster Song is French woven jacquard Tapestry Throw, cream colored Throw has elaborate border of roosters and hens surrounded by flowers, herbs and other scratch. At center is lattice of berry laden vines, Throw is com..

Au point du jour french tapestry decorative throwAu Point Du Jour, At Dawn is French jacquard Tapestry Throw. collage of Bantam Roosters line the border with their contrasting plumage. center of Throw is background of light beige with few simple spots of color that tie in to colors of roosters..

Casse noisette french tapestry decorative throwCasse Noisette, Nut Cracker is French woven jacquard Tapestry Throw, work has elaborate border of adorable tree squirrels in their habitats. At center is patterned themes of tree sprigs and nuts, piece is full of cheer and love for natu..

Valois french tapestry decorative throwValois is French woven jacquard Tapestry panel. Fleur de Lis is particularly associated with French monarchy. It remains enduring symbol of France and is still found on Coat of Arms of many nations. In France Lis is widely used in city emblems Histor..